Golf Clubs through Time

Golf clubs are, of course, used as one of the main equipment in playing golf. It is a stick-like piece of sport equipment with a head on the bottom end and a hand grip on the upper part. They didn’t use to have a proper head and a grip.

You’d be surprised to see how much it has changed in form as time passed by.

The origin of golf has been debated by therefore it is unclear how it all started. There are documents to support how the earlier stages of golf were like and as to what type of best golf clubs were used in the olden times. It was believed that people used tree branches and slightly curved them at one end.

Best Golf Club

There was a similar game that the Romans used to play called “Paganica” where a bent stick was used. Curved bats were used in the Netherlands every year in a game called “Kolven.” The earliest clubs were made of wood but with different forms and kinds of wood. The standard wood for the stick or shaft eventually became Hickory. Persimmon was used to make the head because the material needed to be hard and sturdy to be able to take the impact of the swing towards the ball.

In the 1850’s, iron heads were eventually introduced while the golf ball also developed into a harder material. Steel replaced wood as the material for some of the sticks or the shafts in the 1890’s. Graphite was eventually used to make the stick part lighter in weight during the 1970’s. Some experimented with the use of both metal and wood but they realized that it would be better if only metal would be used. This happened in the 1980’s.

There was a time between the nineteenth century and the twentieth century where people went back to using wood for the clubs because metal would be too hard on the material of the ball and would end up damaging the balls. As time went by, the material of the golf balls changed so people started using metal clubs again. The most popular material used to make them is steel because they are the most affordable. There are a lot of materials used like titanium and graphite but these are considered expensive for most people.

Of course, like most things, there are already ideas for the future of golf clubs. One of them has an hourglass shape for the right distribution of weight. Others would use non-metallic materials for it to be more durable and lightweight. The putters would be customizable in length and alignment so that it would always give a forward spin.

Nowadays, people are also drawn to playing electronic golf –

The most popular are the mobile, handheld, consoles, Wii and Xbox Kinect. With handheld consoles and smartphone games, the clubs are just pixels on a screen being controlled by your fingers on the control pads on your device. You don’t feel it physically and you can play the game sitting down. With Wii, you hold the Wii remote and you even have the option of attaching a golf club accessory to make your experience more realistic. Your body moves just like playing the actual game and you get to hold something like the actual stick.

The console only recognizes the movement of the remote and not your body movements. The Xbox Kinect experience is different. You can play golf without holding anything because the console senses the whole body movement or you can enjoy it more by holding an actual stick or an actual golf club. The movements are different but the end goal is the same. Electronic clubs have shifted from buttons to remote to invisible ones.

Best golf clubs have changed greatly as people’s understanding of the game improved. These are mostly due to the materials, flexing of the shafts, the durability, the partnership with the golf ball, the usage, the weight, the price and the technology. It will continue to change and the game will eventually change as well. The changes made and the changes that are just about to happen will be towards making golf a better experience through time.