Content Management Systems to Improve SEO rankings

Content Management Systems have gained popularity because of the use of SEO. A content manager enables developers to streamline the process much easier even if the process is always tailored depending on the needs of each client. This also allows developers to create manuals and training systems for their clients.

Content ManagementConsiderations in choosing your management system

  • It must be able to customize your data. Your system should be able to customize your title, description tags and meta keywords. All of these should be different from one another.
  • The drop down navigation should be built by CSS and not JavaScript, JQuery and Flash. Also, make sure that the menus can be customized.
  • It should be able to produce SEO related URLs.  Try to avoid systems that use duplicate content.
  • Look for a system that can help you create XML sitemaps. It is not a necessity but it can make it easier for you if your system can automate your site map.
  • Your system should not include frames since search engines cannot properly read index frame content. Your content management system should not rely on frames to display its content.
  • Ensure that any redirected information produces a 301 header code and not a 302 code. Your content management systems should support the 301 setting by default because it can transfer old URL to new URL.
  • It is very useful if your link metrics can support and pagination system.
  • The system which is able to customize text attributes is necessary in any customer management system.  Remember that search engines see these tags like text replacements and it can greatly affect the page that it is linked to.
  • It should support customization of breadcrumb navigation. This navigation is important to improve customer experience and increases link connectivity to relevant pages not regularly found in other templates.
  • Avoid flash. Flash elements are very useful in creating an appearance of websites but do not rely on Flash to display important content since it is still not that stable.

Here are some of the well known content management systems and how it can improve your SEO ranking.


WordpressWordPress is easy to use and install. It is also supported by a large community that makes it easier for you to get support. Another benefit from using WordPress is that you can use it for anything. It can help you create a blog, a template and even help you create your own online store. It is also best recommended for beginners since it is very user friendly.


JoomlaJoomla is a flexible system that also has a large community. It is very similar to WordPress since it is easy to use and has a lot of followers. The main drawback of this system is that it can have modules which are difficult to install.


PrestashopThis management system was specifically created for Web 2.0 eCommerce site. It has user friendly search engine and provides the user with a wide range of modules which can be installed using Google. You can also purchase add-ons on their website whenever you need something else.


OscommerceThis is an open source platform but some users find it less effective in dealing with search engines. Fortunately, it has a lot of available add ons that can improve your SEO standing. It also has about 250,000 users around the world which means that you can readily ask for advice and support. It is highly recommended to give a list of SEO recommendations to your developer.

An effective content management system can improve your SEO ratings greatly so take time in evaluating each program and see how it is affecting your site.