7 Tips that Motivational Speakers Should Remember

Motivationa-speakersMastering the art of public speaking is a difficult thing to do. Some people  like to be exposed in delivering speeches, hosting events and public speaking. In this case, no doubt, they have the potentials of becoming future motivational speakers.

While there are people who are already successful in giving motivational speeches, there are some who are still working their way to achieve the same. In order to do this, there are a number of tips and tricks to remember. Want to know more about these tips and tricks? See them below:

1. Motivational speakers should always have a special message to everyone.

In every event where they are invited, successful life coaches always deliver special messages which all came from their past experiences. If not for these experiences, they will not be where they are right now and they are using them as inspiring stories to motivate other people. This can get the people convinced, making it easier for them to relate to the experiences and stories being told.

In considering a career like life coaching, it’s essential to identify the points to be discussed during the talk. Are the points something worthwhile to the audience? Are the messages hard to deliver in that particular event? Keep in mind that giving vague and generic points could lessen a speaker’s credibility and chances of becoming successful.

2. Have a mentor.

It’s not enough to be a good public speaker alone in order to be among the most successful motivational speakers. Achieving it alone may sound easy but it’s definitely a hard thing to do. All people who became successful in their chosen fields have a mentor at some point in their lives. Make time to listen to the experts and take it from them. Apply what they have taught because they will not be where they are for nothing. Build connections with them and carefully observe the things they do.

Embrace and apply all the lessons provided and be open for criticisms as well. That way, there’s always a room for improvement and refinement on the different skills needed for effective public speaking.

3. Identify the target audience.

Identifying the target audience is essential in giving motivational speeches. Why? It’s because not all people are the same and the speaker should know how to make different approaches depending on his audiences. If he doesn’t have any idea of who his audiences are, then he might not have an easy time coming up with highly-specific, appropriate and relevant speeches.

4. Continue to work on your public speaking skills.

Although a speaker has a lot of good stories and experiences to share, he will not be as effective as expected if he has poor speaking skills. Constant practices are needed and take the advice of the experts in mastering this skill.


In order to keep track of the improvements, recording videos of the speeches is a good idea. While watching the recording, list down the observations on the things that need refinements and improvements. Observe and identify if proper executions on intonation, body languages and eye contact are present while speaking. Work on making the speech sound more conversational and natural. Take short courses on public speaking if necessary. That way, polishing the skills in public speaking becomes much easier.

5. A speaker should advertise himself.

Competition is present in every industry or field. In order for a public speaker to stay in the circulation, he must sell and endorse his skills to other people. Build connections and grow networks so that there will be a steady flow of event invitations. Of course, don’t forget to give back. Help other motivational speakers by referring them as substitutes if there are conflicts in the schedule.

In order to become successful, aspiring motivational speakers must not be afraid to fail at the beginning. Keep in mind that talent and hard work are the two key ingredients in achieving a particular goal.


Motivational speakers are a lot of good stories and experiences to share, he will not be as effective as expected if he has poor speaking skills.