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Golf clubs are, of course, used as one of the main equipment in playing golf. It is a stick-like piece of sport equipment with a head on the bottom end and a hand grip on the upper part. They didn’t use to have a proper head and a grip.

You’d be surprised to see how much it has changed in form as time passed by.

The origin of golf has been debated by therefore it is unclear how it all started. There are documents to support how the earlier stages of golf were like and as to what type of best golf clubs were used in the olden times. It was believed that people used tree branches and slightly curved them at one end.

Best Golf Club

There was a similar game that the Romans used to play called “Paganica” where a bent stick was used. Curved bats were used in the Netherlands every year in a game called “Kolven.” The earliest clubs were made of wood but with different forms and kinds of wood. The standard wood for the stick or shaft eventually became Hickory. Persimmon was used to make the head because the material needed to be hard and sturdy to be able to take the impact of the swing towards the ball.

In the 1850’s, iron heads were eventually introduced while the golf ball also developed into a harder material. Steel replaced wood as the material for some of the sticks or the shafts in the 1890’s. Graphite was eventually used to make the stick part lighter in weight during the 1970’s. Some experimented with the use of both metal and wood but they realized that it would be better if only metal would be used. This happened in the 1980’s.

There was a time between the nineteenth century and the twentieth century where people went back to using wood for the clubs because metal would be too hard on the material of the ball and would end up damaging the balls. As time went by, the material of the golf balls changed so people started using metal clubs again. The most popular material used to make them is steel because they are the most affordable. There are a lot of materials used like titanium and graphite but these are considered expensive for most people.

Of course, like most things, there are already ideas for the future of golf clubs. One of them has an hourglass shape for the right distribution of weight. Others would use non-metallic materials for it to be more durable and lightweight. The putters would be customizable in length and alignment so that it would always give a forward spin.

Nowadays, people are also drawn to playing electronic golf –

The most popular are the mobile, handheld, consoles, Wii and Xbox Kinect. With handheld consoles and smartphone games, the clubs are just pixels on a screen being controlled by your fingers on the control pads on your device. You don’t feel it physically and you can play the game sitting down. With Wii, you hold the Wii remote and you even have the option of attaching a golf club accessory to make your experience more realistic. Your body moves just like playing the actual game and you get to hold something like the actual stick.

The console only recognizes the movement of the remote and not your body movements. The Xbox Kinect experience is different. You can play golf without holding anything because the console senses the whole body movement or you can enjoy it more by holding an actual stick or an actual golf club. The movements are different but the end goal is the same. Electronic clubs have shifted from buttons to remote to invisible ones.

Best golf clubs have changed greatly as people’s understanding of the game improved. These are mostly due to the materials, flexing of the shafts, the durability, the partnership with the golf ball, the usage, the weight, the price and the technology. It will continue to change and the game will eventually change as well. The changes made and the changes that are just about to happen will be towards making golf a better experience through time.

Content Management Systems to Improve SEO rankings September 20, 2016

When venturing into the murky world of SEO for the first time, it is vital that you know the signs of a reputable optimization firm. Forbes has already expressed its belief that SEO is basically “80% scam”. Maybe the companies that offer these services may not really blatantly seek to cheat their clients,seo-high-quality-png but how do you really make sure your website is on top when other websites are also paying their own SEO experts?
A reputable SEO firm, however, may provide you with the service that you want plus the assurance that you have its support along the way. Yes, not everything about optimization could be an assured win, but you could still at least try to find the safest option out there.

Here are some ways in which you can find a reputable company to help you out:

Provides a full explanation of services

An optimization company that seeks to provide all the services that could really help your website rise among the ranks would give full disclosure. It will tell you what exactly it would do to help boost your search engine power and how much the service would cost.
Don’t fall for vague offers such as “will help your website rise against others with similar keywords”. Find out just how that would happen. Would you be getting the full treatment: links, content, and optimization with tags and keywords? Would the company offer monitoring and results analysis, as well? A company that is open about what it can do should be among your top SEO firms.

Lays down packages of options

Not only does a competent firm tell you what exactly it can do for you but it will also lay down all the packages it can offer. Some companies may want to give you just one package – the one that will provide all of the services. A full service package will be, understandably, the most expensive.

What if you already have someone writing content for you? What if you want to write the content for your website? You will just have to ask the optimization company to conduct research on keywords and key phrase. The implementation of those keywords and key phrases would be up to you. So, the cost should be slightly lower because you are doing part of the work.

Presents past projects and possibilities

SEO firms that could be trusted would also present to you their past projects. The presentation should be complete with the background story on how the project fared. The firm should be honest enough to talk about the problems as well as the good points of the particular project. The discussion of past problems would also show that it is experienced enough and has learned from its past mistakes. The company should also discuss potential problems that may arise from your own project and how it plans to solve those problems.

A company that has the ability to discuss or tell stories would also be more capable of helping you recreate your brand. Yes, SEO experts would first conduct a research on your current brand standing, but they should also help you create stories and themes that could boost that brand.seo-png-pic

Has a competent-looking but necessarily artistic website
Unfortunately, you cannot judge a good SEO firm based on its website alone. Still, you should not hire so-called experts with a less than professional-looking website. It would seem that they do not even know how to package their company. However, the most artistic websites do not necessarily belong to the best companies. They may understandably attract you if you are also planning to have your website design done by them.

There are some top SEO companies that actually have simple but professional-looking websites. They do not really need to have the most beautiful homepages. What they should be able to do is to drive prospective clients to their site. Sometimes, a clean and simple design can be the most user-friendly, too.

Offers what you need

Find out if the companies that you are eying are providing the services that you need. There are, after all, companies that offer more and there are those that offer just a little bit. Those that offer a little bit may happen to be experts on those offered services. They have chosen to specialize, so to speak. If your site needs an overhaul, however, you will need top SEO companies that can actually provide you with a full package.

Focused on what your website requires

A good and serious firm would not offer you all sorts of services that you don’t need. It will be focused on what your website requires to succeed. For example, the company should not pack your site with viral videos if you aim to create a brand that is more restrained and serious. The website then should not have unnecessary and possibly capricious content that relies heavily on novelty.

The optimization firm that you pick would be the one that best understands your brand. It should be posed to provide you with what you want and should also be ready to suggest services that you have not heard of but you would definitely need.

Content Management Systems to Improve SEO rankings December 5, 2015

Google has created different algorithms to monitor the websites to see whether they follow the Google guidelines or not, and a reliable SEO firm such as knows the importance of following the said guidelines.

To get an idea regarding the algorithm and the penalty that comes with each of them, it is best to take a closer look.  You will definitely appreciate the services of SEO Explode after learning something about the different algorithms.

The Google Panda Algorithm

Panda Algorithm was launched on February 23, 2011 and during that time, it hasn’t been named yet.  A lot of SEO companies and business website owners thought that the new algorithm was created to seek out sites with unnatural patterns of back link, and they were wrong.

It turns out that Panda Algorithm is after the on-site quality.  Site owners of sites that don’t offer quality content will surely get penalized when Google reviewed their sites and found them guilty of having low quality website.

SEOWhen a site owner asks a Google employee regarding the things that he needs to do to recover after being penalized, the employee will likely refer the site owner to a blog post by one of their employees.  The blog gives a checklist that can help determine the quality of the site, but no one is really sure about all of the factors involved in determining site quality.SEO companies

Ultimately, site owners need to focus on providing the best site for the guests or users when they ask the search engine and to avoid paying a penalty.  They need to avoid thin, duplicate, or low quality content in their site, and a good SEO firm such as SEO Explode can help site owners avoid being penalized.

The Penguin Algorithm

The Penguin Algorithm was out on April 24, 2012.  The aim of Penguin Algorithm is to reduce Google’s trust on sites that cheated their way to the top by creating unnatural back links.  Penguin keeps its eyes open for unnatural links that cheating sites usually use to gain advantage and a good spot in the search list.

Links are Important

SEO services by SEO Explode like link building is important.  A link is similar to a vote.  The more respected sites link to a particular site, the more recommendations the site owner gets, and that means more votes for his site.

If you are a business owner, then it is important that well respected sites recognize the worthiness of your site – enough to create a link back to your site.  The vote of a small unknown site that links to your site is not as weighty as the vote casts by a well known site.  However, if you can get numerous votes from small and unknown sites, then expect them to make a difference for your site.  This is also the reason why SEO firms in the past tried to acquire as many links as they could from all sorts of source.

Anchor text is also important in the algorithms that Google has set.  Anchor text is the text that is hyperlinked or the underlined text that contains a particular site’s URL when you mouse over it.  If you have SEO news that links to, the anchor text is “SEO news”.  If a number of sites use “SEO news” as their anchor text and link it to, then that will send a sort of signal to Google that people looking for “SEO news” are most likely interested in the site and want to see it in their search results.

Untrustworthy SEO companies were able to manipulate the back links in the past by creating a huge number of links from sites that are considered low quality, and it was quite effective.  There were sites that successfully pulled it off for a short period of time, until Penguin detected it and penalized the sites that cheated their way to the top.  Reputable SEO firms make sure that the different services they offer do not defy the recent Penguin update and the same goes with the SEO services by SEO Explode.

A Google employee would tell you that Penguin is a site-wide algorithm.  It only means that if Penguin Algorithm detects a number of untrustworthy links to your site, then Google’s trust in your site will diminish.  An overall reduction in rating will soon follow, and it will hurt your site.

The Hummingbird Algorithm

Google made an announcement regarding Hummingbird Algorithm on September 26, 2013.  However, they added that it has been around for about a month.  Hummingbird is the new search algorithm of Google.  It deals with search queries in an entirely different and clever way with speed and accuracy while utilizing new technology and the existing algorithm’s older features.

Hummingbird literally breaks the old habits of the search engine.  Before, the net surfer types the query in the search box and the algorithm picks words from the typed question and come up with different links that contain the specific words in the query rather than coming up with the links according to the context of the query.

You already have an idea what each algorithm entails, make sure that your chosen SEO Company like will not let you pay a penalty.

Content Management Systems to Improve SEO rankings June 18, 2015

Content Management Systems have gained popularity because of the use of SEO. A content manager enables developers to streamline the process much easier even if the process is always tailored depending on the needs of each client. This also allows developers to create manuals and training systems for their clients.

Content ManagementConsiderations in choosing your management system

  • It must be able to customize your data. Your system should be able to customize your title, description tags and meta keywords. All of these should be different from one another.
  • The drop down navigation should be built by CSS and not JavaScript, JQuery and Flash. Also, make sure that the menus can be customized.
  • It should be able to produce SEO related URLs.  Try to avoid systems that use duplicate content.
  • Look for a system that can help you create XML sitemaps. It is not a necessity but it can make it easier for you if your system can automate your site map.
  • Your system should not include frames since search engines cannot properly read index frame content. Your content management system should not rely on frames to display its content.
  • Ensure that any redirected information produces a 301 header code and not a 302 code. Your content management systems should support the 301 setting by default because it can transfer old URL to new URL.
  • It is very useful if your link metrics can support and pagination system.
  • The system which is able to customize text attributes is necessary in any customer management system.  Remember that search engines see these tags like text replacements and it can greatly affect the page that it is linked to.
  • It should support customization of breadcrumb navigation. This navigation is important to improve customer experience and increases link connectivity to relevant pages not regularly found in other templates.
  • Avoid flash. Flash elements are very useful in creating an appearance of websites but do not rely on Flash to display important content since it is still not that stable.

Here are some of the well known content management systems and how it can improve your SEO ranking.


WordpressWordPress is easy to use and install. It is also supported by a large community that makes it easier for you to get support. Another benefit from using WordPress is that you can use it for anything. It can help you create a blog, a template and even help you create your own online store. It is also best recommended for beginners since it is very user friendly.


JoomlaJoomla is a flexible system that also has a large community. It is very similar to WordPress since it is easy to use and has a lot of followers. The main drawback of this system is that it can have modules which are difficult to install.


PrestashopThis management system was specifically created for Web 2.0 eCommerce site. It has user friendly search engine and provides the user with a wide range of modules which can be installed using Google. You can also purchase add-ons on their website whenever you need something else.


OscommerceThis is an open source platform but some users find it less effective in dealing with search engines. Fortunately, it has a lot of available add ons that can improve your SEO standing. It also has about 250,000 users around the world which means that you can readily ask for advice and support. It is highly recommended to give a list of SEO recommendations to your developer.

An effective content management system can improve your SEO ratings greatly so take time in evaluating each program and see how it is affecting your site.